What are they saying about SpaOne Software?

I was introduced to SpaOne 3 years ago and have since introduced this spa specialist software to many of my spa project clients. SpaOne presents great value for money, it is developed by people that obviously understand the spa business and a team that work hard to continue to advance its’ capabilities. The cloud based version suits me perfectly given my need to often work remotely enabling me to access vital information from any wireless device. Training and support is excellent and the system is easy to operate making it a fantastic choice for the varied computer skills of my teams.
— Naomi Gregory – Founder, Spa Sessions & international spa consultant. www.spasessions.com
Having installed Spa One software in two separate businesses now I would highly recommend the software as well as the support given. Jen is an absolute professional with an In depth knowledge of the specific requirements of spa operations and business management. Whether a single site or multi site operation Spa One offers everything a business needs in a booking software system
— Allison Dale - Commercial & Sales Manager at Lydia Jordane / Lycon Cosmetics
We have been associated with SpaOne now for over 2 years and use the software in our day spas. As a provider of luxury boutique accommodation and services, the detailed reporting and marketing functionality of Spa One fits our needs perfectly. Couple that with the seamless integration with our Property Management System and for us it’s a great fit. The team at Spa One are great to deal with, knowledgeable and their service is brilliant. We would highly recommend Spa One to anyone wishing to more efficiently manage their clients, increase business effectiveness and improve revenue.
— Luke Neale - Group Operations Manager, Spicers Luxury Retreats. www.spicersgroup.com.au
Our entire business runs on SpaOne and after 18months of use, we have no idea how we ever ran our business without it!

The team at SpaOne are incredibly responsive and always willing to help! We ended up choosing SpaOne because of the support. As an Australian company we knew that we could always call them (in our time zone) and they would be there to help - and they have, every single time.

This product has improved over the 18 months that we’ve used it, and we’re looking forward to further development in the years ahead. This really is such a great software system for our industry (Massage Centre), and has been an absolute blessing for our business.

Very easily implemented and understood by all of our staff, I would highly recommend SpaOne to any business - whether you’re in a private practice by yourself or managing a Spa with a team of 20. It has cut down so many admin and book-keeping costs, it really has been a great investment. I don’t believe there is any other product in Australia that could match what SpaOne has done for us. Thankyou!!
— Nemara Hennigan - Owner, Sydney Ka Huna Centre
Being responsible for such a diverse region such as Asia Pacific we needed a spa software system that was both adaptable and reliable. Spanning 16 countries and more than 10 languages it was imperative to implement a sophisticated software system that allowed me the opportunity to better manage the commercial performance of our business on a regional platform and not just by single location. The reporting capabilities that SpaOne offers me in this area are second to none, not to mention the consumer marketing aspect. Jen and Stewart have been a pleasure to deal with and we are delighted with our partnership.
— Vanessa Main - Director Spa Development & Operations – Hilton Worldwide Asia Pacific
“After taking the step to introduce SpaOne to both of my large Spa operations, I could not be happier. It is clear that someone who has first-hand Spa experience has written the program. It achieves all our objectives with ease and the training was a breeze for our Staff. Beyond this however, is a flexibility of the program and the program designer to allow us to make modifications both simply and cost effectively. We now have a program that suits our needs perfectly. SpaOne has proven this doesn’t need to cost a fortune!”

— Brendan Long - Spa owner / Director The Dome Retreat, Marriott Hotel Brisbane
SpaOne Software systems are true professionals who care about delivering quality and value to their customers. Our spa chain has gone through different companies trying to get the best software for the branches, and it has been so frustrating getting the right system and a company who will commit to providing proper technical support to the team. We are so glad to have finally found the right system, and working with Spaone is refreshing. The spaone software is easy to understand and is user friendly, most importantly when we encounter a problem, technical support is given promptly and efficiently. We would recommend SpaOne Software to any spa owners and spa directors.
— Elaine Chua Tamte - Group Director of Spa, Centara Hotels and Resorts
Having deployed SpaOne in a number of our operating properties in the region, our experience has been extremely positive in terms of ease of use and customization, prompt follow-up by SpaOne customer services when we do have questions and inexpensive initial set up cost. The intuitive nature of the system has ensured our spa teams can master the system within a reduced time frame and the reports generated present information in a clear, concise and usable format that is proving invaluable to our Spa Managers. The system and team at SpaOne are a pleasure to work with
— Sean Walsh - Senior Manager Spa Design & Development - Hilton Worldwide Asia Pacific