Software built on experience

From the ground up, SpaOne has been developed by industry professionals, for industry professionals. SpaOne is founded on 20+ years of hands-on domestic and international Spa & Wellbeing Industry knowledge. It was this experience that highlighted the need for day spa specific software, offering what business owners in the industry required. Working directly with software developers that built the application in robust, cutting edge programming languages. SpaOne continues to be refined and enhanced to meet the ever changing needs of such a dynamic industry. The industry knowledge that has gone into SpaOne is what sets it apart. It delivers the tools that therapists, managers and owners require to run an efficient and profitable business.

 SpaOne Software's co-founder, Jen Robson, designed the software application based on extensive and qualified hands-on industry knowledge. 

 'SpaOne was a necessity for me to develop so I could deliver to our specific industry a software program that not only suited the therapist but always held the management and business owners requirements in the forefront of the applications functionalities." says Jen,

 "The industry needed something tailor made to its own requirements. I wanted to create a program that delivered a computerised system that did not scare off the staff, was user friendly and easy for a working ethos that was based on both high staff turnover and changeability. But with a price tag that was realistic! I personally didn't want the added expense and fuss of on-going fees or helpdesk fees for services I didn't even use. So why would any of my clients?'

 From these ideals, you can see why SpaOne is so different from other software companies. Apart from all the features and functionalities that come standard with every purchase of SpaOne, the most important attribute for Jen is the level of customer service. Jen states, 'Customer Service is a fast dying art.  It is an easy thing to lose but it doesn't take that much to deliver high quality service, you just need to genuinely want to be of service to your clients, the rest comes naturally'.

 SpaOne is based on quality software, designed with experience and based on a foundation of authentic customer service. It's that simple.


SpaOne & the Environment

SpaOne Software takes environmental impact from businesses seriously and is a conscious manufacture aware of it's own responsibility to environmental impact. SpaOne continues to take additional environmental steps to becoming an even more sustainable manufacturing company.

 As an integral part of SpaOne's operation, with the support of the electronic age, travel is minimized due to the use of our internet virtual training and support tools, paper documents are kept to an absolute minimum (we have also added recycled paper stock to their print media),  office practices have a recycling plan in place and electronic documentation are always an option.

This enhances our already established ethical standards of 100% renewable energy sources (wind and solar) and 100% rain water harvest to run the SpaOne head quarters.

 Environmental improvements will continue within SpaOne as new information and practices come to hand. To offer additional solutions and suggestions to us or to find out more about SpaOne Software environmental choices, contact us.