Built with your business in mind

Flexible working hours ..

Being a single location, you don't have the need to link multiple locations but you may still like to remotely access your computer during or after hours.

We all work better with flexible working hours & environments. Mobile access to your business is essential in today's business world. 

Now you don't need to be onsite to mange and oversee your spa. Feel free to choose your working environment & tap into the most productive location you have to get the job done, and done well.


Simple & effective ..

SpaOne is unrivaled in the ability to offer both cloud based (web based) software as well as installed (pc based) software options.

If you prefer to have your software localised on your computer in your spa rather than accessed via the cloud, SpaOne offers you SpaOne pc.

No need for an internet connection, SpaOne pc is installed locally right there on your computer in your spa. 


SpaOne WebConnect

SpaOne WebConnect is an online application designed to manage the day to day running of your day spa, salon or wellness studio. You access SpaOne WebConnect like you do any other website. Once logged in you are greeted with your appointment book, & links to all the other areas of WebConnect.

SpaOne software has been written by industry professionals with extensive hands-on experience within the spa & wellness environment. SpaOne knows what you need.

SpaOne WebConnect has been created with the receptionist, therapist, management & business owner in mind. Designed to ensure the following criteria:

  • the most user friendly framework
  • logical functionality sequence
  • full of spa specific requirements to suit the modern, busy spa environment

SpaOne WebConnect gives you access to your business from anywhere. Having the WebConnect system internet based allows you to access your software from any location that has an internet connection.

You can check your upcoming day from home, keep an eye on things while you are out & about, or run your reports & check your occupancy while you are on the road - locally or globally. 





At work, at home, on the move ..

SpaOne Software gives you the flexibility to use a range of different computer styles, MACs, PC, desktops, laptops, touch screens, tablets, iPads & smartphones. The choice is yours.

Take care of business, even when you are away from it. Enjoy the flexibility of not having to be onsite to still run your business as efficiently as when you are there.

Enjoy a freedom & choice of workplace. If business takes you on the road, make suer your business moves with you every step of the way with SpaOne Software.