Software designed specifically for multi-site spa groups, for superior profitability & greater client satisfaction.



SpaOne Software offers a range of different software options to suit all spas & salons.

For national & international multi-site spa groups, we recommend our cloud based software, SpaOne WebConnect.

With SpaOne WebConnect, you are able to link as many computers as you need & operate as many concurrent users as required. Link terminals within the one location, or link all your spas nationally & internationally.

Give all your spas the same consistency in systems for greater efficiency.

Sharing client sales & treatment history between spas offers your client an unprecedented smooth transition between all of your spas each & every visit. Your clients also have the convenience of using their gift certificates in any of your spa locations.  

Regional managers can now oversee all of their territory from a single computer screen, on-site, off-site & even in transit.


If business has you criss crossing the globe, relax knowing that you can access live data from your spa anywhere, any time securely from any computer that has an internet connection, be it the hotels computer or your home office. 

Connecting multiple spas have never been so easy. Link as many computers as you need and operate as many concurrent users as you require.


Link computer terminals locally & internationally.

Access to all your spas' software is available from a single computer screen for the easiest of multi-site management & operation.

Save on valuable resources with a centralised management hub. Operate a centralised head office anywhere in the world, and oversee your entire operation live anywhere, any time.

Create a central reservations centre for greater productivity from every booking.

SpaOne Software options allow you to monitor & track vital statistics throughout your entire portfolio of spas. You no longer need to be onsite to manage your spas.

SpaOne Software has a range of different computer systems to suit a business operator on the move. Choose to access SpaOne from your tablet or iPad while you are on the road.

SpaOne also has a streamlined version of their software so you can take bookings, check appointments, run reports & staff rosters straight from your mobile phone.



Web - SpaOne WebConnect            requires reliable internet
OS – Internet Explorer 8 or above, Google Chrome, Apple Safari & Mozilla Firefox 

MAC – compatible
IPad –  compatible
Tablet – compatible
Smartphone – compatible



International spa groups
International resorts & spas
Salon chains
Franchised spas & salons
Skin Care retail stores
Stand alone salons & spas

For those who want a flexible working environment to manage their spa from anywhere & at at any time.


  • Centralised management
  • Linked locations
  • Shared client history within the group
  • Shared sales history within the group
  • Collated reporting
  • Live group dashboard

Master Controls for Centralised Head Office Management

When operating a spa group, we know how important it is to create a uniformed, consistent experience for your spa guests. It is imperative to move your group together in the one direction. But generally that takes time & considerable resources. With SpaOne WebConnect, uniformed efficiency is at your head office finger tips. By utilising SpaOne's master controls you can make head office changes at a touch of a button and instantly update consistent information across your entire spa group. 

Master Stock Controls allows you to update stock information across your portfolio. Update the latest pricing & stock descriptions at head office and automatically each & every one of your spas will be automatically updated with the same information - instantly. 

With Master Service Controls, SpaOne WebConnect gives you the ability to adjust & change service information from your off-site head office hub for your entire spa group. Keeping all your spas consistent with the latest spa menu descriptions, durations & price is easy with SpaOne's Master Controls.